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About us

The swiss health quality association (shqa) is "the" provider of training programs for the pharmaceutical, medical technology and diagnostics industries. Shqa was founded in 2006. As an not profit oriented industry association with currently 80 member companies, we embrace lifelong learning – and continuously adapt our educational offerings to the highly agile market environment.

From seminars and training courses to a Federal Diploma of Higher Education

Wherever a person currently stands: We develop their skills and prepare them for the world of tomorrow. Be it with an examination at association level, a Federal Diploma of Higher Education or seminars as well as diploma and certificate courses.

Learn today for the future

Our training and development program reflects the needs and requirements of the market. We pick up on trends and develop tailor-made educational offerings and learning content. Always with a view to the future and practices.

Gained in practice, for use in practice

Our lecturers all come from real-world practices – and leverage their industry expertise to build a bridge to everyday working life. Thanks to our collaboration with member companies, healthcare industry specialists, Swiss Federal Office of Education, Research and Innovation and the Institute for Medical Education of the University of Bern, our educational offer is cutting-edge.

One community – beyond individual organizations

We learn from and with one another: We embrace a community concept to promote learning and dialog outside of our own organization – and facilitate the transfer of knowledge between companies and people. Practical and sustainable.


Christoph Lögler


swiss health quality association (shqa)

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Petra Ackermann

Lead academy & community

swiss health quality association (shqa)

+41 41 500 07 82

Carla Roos

Coordinator academy & community

swiss health quality association (shqa)

+41 41 500 07 83

Pamela Radice

Coordinator exams

swiss health quality association (shqa)

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Nicole Morof

Coordinator exams

swiss health quality association (shqa)

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Bord of Directors

Marios Ntinis

Präsident shqa, Head Cluster Portfolio Enablement

Roche Pharma (Schweiz) AG

  • Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Dr. Ulrike Thull

Vizepräsidentin shqa, Commercial Lead Immunology Mid Europe Region & Switzerland

MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme AG

  • Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Dr. Sandra Brunner

Vorstandsmitglied shqa, Business Unit Head CV, Bone & Inflammation

Amgen Switzerland AG

  • Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Andreas Fischer

Vorstandsmitglied shqa, Head of KAM Switzerland

Pfizer AG

Andreas Hostettler

Vorstandsmitglied shqa

Roman Käser

Vorstandsmitglied shqa, Leiter Business Unit Pharma

Doetsch Grether AG

  • Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Dr. Pierre Köver

Vorstandsmitglied shqa, Chief Business Development Officer

Medisupport AG

  • Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Dr. med. Anne Le Coz-Iffenecker

Vorstandsmitglied shqa, Head of Medical Affairs

Biogen Switzerland AG

  • Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Emanuel Lorini

Vorstandsmitglied shqa, Geschäftsführer

Zur Rose Suisse AG

  • Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Verena Nitsche

Vorstandsmitglied shqa, General Manager

Stallergenes AG

  • Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Bruno Pungitore

Vorstandsmitglied shqa, Commercial Director Oncology & Hematology Switzerland

Janssen-Cilag AG

  • Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Examination committee Pharma

lic. iur. Barbara Schärer


Obergericht Zürich

Heidi Zbinden


Centramed AG

Dr. Elodie Berger

Field Medical Advisor Team Lead

CSL Vifor Pharma Switzerland SA

Dr. Mirjam Britschgi

Lead Prostate Cancer, Senior Lead Medical Affairs Specialty Medicine

Bayer (Schweiz) AG

Dr. med. Claude Cao

Geschäftsführer Sanamea AG; CEO Medyoo AG

Marco Ceppi

Leiter Apotheke

Zuger Kantonsspital AG

Dr. Philipp Faber

First Line Sales Leader

GlaxoSmithKline AG

Sylvie Lindauer

Key Account & Sales Manager

IBSA Institut Biochimique SA

Marcel Menzi

Key Account Manager

Bayer (Schweiz) AG

Dr. Arnaud Sestier

Associate Director Medical Affairs

Alexion Pharma GmbH

Christa Spitznagel

eMBA, Eidg. dipl. Apothekerin, Head of QA (FvP), Market Access, Regulatory Affairs & Compliance, Stv. Geschäftsführerin

Leo Pharmaceutical Products Sarath Ltd.

Dr. Kathrin Stirnemann

Director Medical Customer Engagement

Roche Pharma (Schweiz) AG

Dr. Robert Witschi

Sr Medical Affairs & Operations Lead

Pfizer AG

Examination committee Medtech

Dr. Christian Suffert


Suffert Neuenschwander & Partner

Franco Zambrino

BU Director | Aortic & Peripheral Vascular APV

Paul Heini

FMH Orthopädische Chirurgie und Traumatologie des Bewegungsapparates

Orthopädie Sonnenhof

Mathias Gubler

Global Compliance Operations Director

Zimmer Biomet

Bruno Jung

Gesamtprojektleiter Baubereich 12

Inselspital und Spital Netz Bern AG


Ramon Achermann

Key Account Manager


Noemi Baumann

Digital Lead

Janssen-Cilag AG

Dr. Philine Betz-Werner

Beraterin Marketing, Sales & KAM, Lehrbeauftrage HSG, Geschäftsführerin

Performanice GmbH

Lorenz Borer

Country Director


Uwe R. Brauchle

Dipl. Controller SGBS, Fachbuchautor und Dipl. Dozent PHZH im Nebenamt. Scrum Master SIB und Organisator SGO.

URB Unternehmensberatung / Treuhand

Bernhard Bürki

Senior Manager, Digital Lead

Biogen Switzerland AG

Remo Christen

Director Market Access & Health Care Affairs

Roche Pharma AG

Christian de Clerque

Key Account Manager

Mepha Pharma AG

Mathias Dick

Inhaber + Geschäftsführer

todai GmbH

lic. iur. Reto Dietschi

Trainer, Consultant & Speaker


ehemaliger Direktor der Allianz Schweizer Krankenversicherer & der curafutura

Petra Erni Rauch



Daniela Fábián Masoch

Attorney at Law & Privacy Expert


Regula Felix

Head of Food, Cosmetic & Medical Device Services

pharma services oehler gmbh

Simon Forster

Head of KAM

Amgen Switzerland AG

Pius Gyger

Selbständiger Gesundheitsökonom

Ernst Herzig


Herzig Consulting

Marianne Hochstrasser

Coach, Trainer & Consultant

Hochstrasser Consulting

Julian Hohendorff

Selbständiger Consultant, Trainer und Coach

JH Consulting + Coaching

Dr. Jörg Indermitte

Co-Leitung Sektion Medikamente

Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG

Dr. med. Peter Indra MPH

Leiter Amt für Gesundheit

Gesundheitsdirektion Kanton Zürich

Sandra Jampen

Leiterin Entwicklung Ärztezentren

Galexis AG

Vanessa Kermer

Head Regulatory Affairs Switzerland

Pfizer AG

Andrea Kern

Texterin & Kommunikations-Profi

Wort & Stil

Dr. Ursula Kienzl

Senior Product Manager Liver diseases, Antifungal & Emerging Virus

Gilead Sciences Switzerland Sàrl

Urs Kohler

Associate Consultant & Partner

Egger Philips & Partner AG

Jochen Luksch

Geschäftsführender Partner / Präsident des Verwaltungsrates

Egger Philips & Partner AG

Jean-Noël Maillard

Sales and Marketing Leader

AbbVie AG

Dr. pharm. Enea Martinelli

Spitäler fmi AG, Chefapotheker

Spitäler FMI AG

Dr. med. Leander Muheim

Stv. medizinischer Leiter mediX zh und Vizepräsident mediX schweiz

MediX Gruppenpraxis

Ernst Niemack


vips - Vereinigung Pharmafirmen in der Schweiz

Yves Ottiger

Chief Marketing Officer

B. Braun Medical AG

Marc Philipp

Business Development Manager

swissprofessionalmedia AG

Christian Reist

Trainer, Consultant & Speaker

People Power Training AG

Kaspar Rufibach

Methods, Collaboration, and Outreach (MCO), PD Data & Statistical Sciences

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Dr. Balz Ryf

Head Market Access and Institutional Communication Switzerland / Austria

Pierre Fabre Pharma AG

Dr. med. Eugen Paul Scheidegger

Facharzt FMH für Dermatologie und Allergologie

Gründer "OnlineDoctor"

Dr. med. Falk Schimmann

Leiter Leistungs- und Fallsteuerung

CSS Versicherung

Thomas Schlecht

Leiter Marketing

Biomed AG

Igor Schnyder


Pharmalex GmbH

Sylvia Schüpbach

Fürsprecherin / Rechtsanwältin

Pharmalex GmbH

Christa Spitznagel

eMBA, Eidg. dipl. Apothekerin, Head of QA (FvP), Market Access, Regulatory Affairs & Compliance, Stv. Geschäftsführerin

Leo Pharmaceutical Products Sarath Ltd.

Kerstin Beatrix Theuerzeit

Customer Engagement Managerin

Sanofi-Aventis (Schweiz) AG

Dr. Ulrike Thull

Vizepräsidentin shqa, Commercial Lead Immunology Mid Europe Region & Switzerland

MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme AG

  • Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Dieter Villiger

Access Manager Insurances

Novartis Pharma (Schweiz) AG

Dr. med. Christian Westerhoff

Leiter Business Development Health


Dr. Andreas Wildi

Attorney at law Partner

Walder Wyss Ltd