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shqa exams

Healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations have high expectations of employees of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Therefore, having wide-ranging and detailed knowledge is decisive in the success of interactions with clients in the healthcare sector.

Medical knowledge is not the only key to confidently handling challenging communication situations. It is also necessary to have comprehensive knowledge of the Swiss healthcare system and the legal requirements for compliant interactions with customers. 

Candidates in the pharmaceutical field can choose one of the following examinations based on their professional training, experience and career goals: 

The multidisciplinary examination committees and the professional support of the Institute for Medical Education (IML) at the University of Bern guarantee a high level of quality for these practice-oriented examinations.

Thanks to the collaboration of many experts from shqa member companies, we are able to offer practice-oriented and consistently up-to-date examinations that meet the high expectations in this sector.

To optimally prepare for the examinations, we recommend an in-person course, as well as self-study, participating in a study group and interacting with specialists. In-depth study of the subject matter is key to passing the examination. 

Due to the low demand from medical technology companies and their employees, the examination «shqa certified Medical Technology Consultant» will no longer be offered to new candidates with immediate effect. This procedure has been agreed with Swiss Medtech, the association of the Swiss medical technology industry.

Only candidates who have not passed the examination in the previous years can repeat the examination in 2024 in accordance with the examination regulations. From 2025 onwards, the examination will also no longer be offered to repeaters.

shqa Mitgliedsfirmen und ihre Mitarbeitenden profitieren von Vorzugskonditionen.

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