Medical Affairs Certificate Program

Medical Affairs Certificate Program

Elevating Medical Affairs Professionals in Switzerland to the next level

A modern Medical Affairs professional working in Pharma, Biotech or Medical Device Industry, needs to successfully maneuver between a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders as well as country specific regulations.

The Medical Affairs Certificate Program is unique: 

  • Built with leaders across the Swiss Medical Affairs community
  • Accredited/endorsed by ECPM (ECTS points) and SwAPP 
  • The first of its kind, Swiss-specific, hands-on professional training for Medical Affairs

“A great Medical Affairs associate to me is someone who has, obviously besides the scientific and medical expertise, a profound patient- and HCP-orientation, is a great communicator and orchestrates interpersonal and cross-functional relations prudently”.
- Dr. Daniele Andreutti, General Manager OM Pharma Suisse SA


Swiss Medical Affairs Certification Program powered by shqa. Designed by Medical Directors of Swiss Pharmaceutical Affiliates. The Medical Affairs certification program addresses exactly the needs of you as an individual contributor and the needs of your employer.

The shqa Medical Affairs Certificate Program‘s volunteer-based steering committee consists of diverse leaders across the Swiss Medical Affairs community. Our committee is integral to the development, sustainability and progression of the program. The committee advises on future strategy & direction and critically reviews the content development. Moreover, the members advocate for the shqa Medical Affairs Certificate Program to make it an invaluable Swiss resource for Medical Affairs professionals as long-term goal.

Their broad knowledge and extensive experience with the Medical Affairs profession will have a positive impact on the broader Medical Affairs community including helping Medical Affairs professionals and their leaders with their professional growth and development.

Meet the steering committee members:

  • Dr. Caroline Vonder Mühll, MD, Medical Director Bayer Schweiz AG
  • Dr. Anne Le Coz-Iffenecker, MD, Medical Director Biogen Switzerland AG
  • Dr. Mascia Ghielmetti, PhD, Director Medical Affairs EffRx Pharmaceuticals SA
  • Dr. Olivier Schorr, MD, Medical Director Gilead Sciences Switzerland Sàrl
  • Dr. Mindaugas Plieskis, MD, Medical Director Janssen Switzerland
  • Dr. Peter Csutora, MD, Medical Director MSD Schweiz AG
  • Dr. Anna Katharina Moser, PhD, Lead Medical Organizational Development and Change Management, Novartis Pharma Schweiz AG
  • Dr. Kathrin Stirnemann, PhD, Head of Medical Customer Engagement, Roche Pharma Schweiz AG
  • Dr. Matthias Langenfeld, MD, Medical Lead Switzerland, Ipsen Pharma Schweiz GmbH

The program is primarily designed for Medical Affairs professionals or those aspiring to become one in Switzerland. A scientific and academical backround is recommended. 

As an individual pharmaceutical Medical Affairs professional you gain deep insights and learnings into key aspects of your daily work. Moreover, you profit from experts in the industry, which openly share relevant examples. The pedagogical module concepts encourage you to engage in hands-on work and active exercises to be prepared for your day-to-day work. The network of industry peers you will establish, will continue to serve you as invaluable resource, offering opportunities for sharing experiences, ideation, and camaraderie despite the competitive nature of the pharmaceutical industry.

Your employer gains in you a shqa certified Medical Affairs professional, who combines broad, practical knowledge with scientific rigor, business acumen and health care system understanding. It is challenging for companies, to offer such a concise, comprehensive professional education to you as associates in terms of time, money, and resources. This task can be outsourced to shqa. A certified Medical Affairs professional allows the company to economize resources and time, which can be invested on flawless execution of strategical and tactical plans. The company benefits from the expertise of Medical Affairs professionals such as yourself, who can provide a thorough and highly relevant cross-functional impact in a faster manner. Your in depth understanding of underlying reasons for regulations, of financial flows, and of profound knowledge of the HCS stakeholder ecosystem makes you an invaluable, highly effective partner in cross-functional teamwork and prevents considerable risks.

The certification program consists of 7 modules A-G. Modules A-F are required to achieve full Medical Affairs shqa certification; Module G is optional. Modules can be booked individually, in any order. After completion of Modules A-F, you have the opportunity to continue to a shqa diploma. For each module completed, you can apply for both SwAPP accreditation and ECTS credit points (via ECPM University of Basel). 1 ECTS credit point = 30 invested study hours. For ECTS credit points, the respective Module requires a knowledge check offered by shqa.

Modules: All Modules follow a hands on, practical approach underlined with industry examples


This Module is a 1 day seminar - 19.09.2024

Module content
  • Regulation of the Healthcare-System in CH
  • Stakeholders and Reimbursement-Systems
  • Approval and Reimbursement of medicines in a nutshell
  • Regulations specific to Medical Affairs
    - VITH and others
    - Medicinal product law
    - Compliance and pharma codex
  • Status Quo of Healthcare in CH
  • Stakeholder-Mapping
  • Business-Case individual
  • Future Developments in Healthcare Policy
  • Vision for the future


Trafo Baden Kultur und Kongresszentrum

Brown Boveri P. 1 5400 Baden




Peter Indra MPH

Chef Amt für Gesundheit

Gesundheitsdirektion Kanton Zürich


Lorenz Borer


Bluestep AG

This Module is a 2 day seminar 10. - 11.10.2024

Module content
  • Personal attitude / mindset
  • Customer meeting journey
  • Situational analysis
  • Who will sit opposite me?
  • Meeting agenda and goals / setting objectives
  • Target-oriented questions
  • Active listening
  • Basics of decision making
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Insights generation
  • ANS and body language
  • Data presentation – create dialogue
  • Recognizing signals
  • Respond to questions
  • Objection handling

Skills and competencies addressed
  • Applied psychology of decision making
  • Self awareness (incl. differentiation from others)
  • Attitude - the inner team
  • Character typisation (3/4-color scheme)
  • Systematic of a call/meeting (preparation, getting started, discussion/presentation, closure)
  • Body language
  • Knowing and handling the autonomous nerve system
  • Applied communication basics
  • Presentation of data / content – bringing the dots together
  • Active listening
  • Objection handling


See- und Seminarhotel FloraAlpina AG

Schibernstrasse 2 6354 Vitznau




Kathrin Stirnemann

Director Medical Customer Engagement

Roche Pharma (Schweiz) AG


Thomas Wels


Wels - Omnino Medico

  • Clinical development process & post-approval research
  • Design and conduct of data generation projects in Switzerland, RWE, big data
  • Stakeholder / patient / public involvement & GCP
  • Swissethics
  • Legal Basics in human research
  • Complex data and communication
  • Publication

We are currently building this module for you. We aim to issue it in January or February 2025 and will update you as soon as the date and venue are confirmed. Stay tuned.

  • Leading in a matrix organization & business acumen
  • Planning & reporting (KPIs)
  • Self & time management
  • Resilience

We are currently building this module for you. We aim to issue it in March or April 2025 and will update you as soon as the date and venue are confirmed. Stay tuned.

  • Internal & external strategic partnering
  • Cross-functional cooperation (Pre-Launch / Post-Launch)
  • Medical stakeholder mapping, account planning & reporting
  • Medical territory management – integrated medical affairs plans

We are currently building this module for you. We aim to issue it in March or April 2025 and will update you as soon as the date and venue are confirmed. Stay tuned.

  • Channels and content
  • Instruments of customer engagement
  • Situational adaption pre-Launch / post-Launch
  • Physical and virtual engagements
  • Compliance with data protection regulations
  • Current regulatory and technological standards

We are currently building this module for you. We aim to issue it in November or December 2025 and will update you as soon as the date and venue are confirmed. Stay tuned.

  • Role and integrative matrix role of medical
  • Adding value as Medical Affairs professional
  • My career in medical

We are currently building this module for you. We aim to issue it in April or May 2025 and will update you as soon as the date and venue are confirmed. Stay tuned.
Medical Affairs Certificate Program

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Course type

Certificate Program

Attendance seminar

Costs per person (excl. VAT) Module A + B as package

CHF 2'940.– (for shqa members)

CHF 4'440.– (for non-members)

Included in this fee are:
seminar documents and confirmation of participation - 1 overnight stay in a single room for Module B
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